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  • Vintage skull with flower tumbler 40oz with handle and straw - halloween gift

    *The ETA is applied for US orders only. All products are made to order.

    Size: 40oz (1200ml) 

    Unveil the Perfect Gift: Whether for a laid-back sports session or your everyday ventures, this stainless steel tumbler is an impeccable choice, effortlessly complementing your favorite denim or shorts. 

    Crafted Wonders 

    🌬️ Harnessing the Power of Double Wall Vacuum: Embrace your drink's desired temperature for extended periods, with frosty coolness lasting up to 12 hours and comforting warmth staying up to 6 hours. Beyond Aesthetic - Exterior Powder Coating: Revel in a firm grip devoid of beads of condensation and a robust shield against scratches that upholds its striking appearance. All-in-One Convenience - Lid and Straw Included: Embrace the ease of sipping with a thoughtfully designed screw-on lid and accompanying straw. 

    Navigates Cup Holders with Ease. 

    Ergonomic Mastery with an Integrated Handle. 

    Matchless Value - Uncompromising Quality - Zero Minimum Orders - Expedited Shipping 

    Your Shipment's Voyage 

    From order placement to your doorstep, the journey takes 15 to 20 days, allowing perfection to be delivered at its own pace. 

    A 40oz stainless steel symphony, orchestrated with a handle, lid, and straw, creating an ensemble of a colossal beer chalice, a hydration haven, an outdoor expedition companion, and a temperature-guarding elixir sanctuary. 

    The manufacturing symphony is experiencing extended applause due to soaring demand. As our commitment rests in offering Etsy's most enticing prices, we sincerely thank you for your patience during this crescendo. Your support resonates deeply. 

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    *The ETA is applied for US orders only. All products are made to order.

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